Top Tips For Baby-making Sex

If you are trying for a baby, there are some things you might like to incorporate into your sex life to hopefully help things along a bit.

While some lucky couples get pregnant the first try, in fact on average most couples have sex more than 70 times before they see the second line on the pregnancy test. Find out ways you might be able to tip the odds in your favour – but remember that taking a good few months to conceive is normal.

Sex position

In order to conceive, the sperm needs to find its way to the egg so it follows that sex that harnesses the power of gravity as well as placing the sperm close to the egg makes sense.

Using magnetic resonance imaging technology experts have confirmed that the good old missionary position and doggy style both fire sperm high up into the cervix (no kidding), and are great sexual positions if you want to fertilise an egg. Doggy style may work well for a retroverted or tipped cervix.

However, it’s fair to say that pregnancy has occurred using a variety of sex positions so don’t feel the need to limit your positions unless that is your preference.

Don’t worry if the earth doesn’t move!

Scientists haven’t found any evidence that says a woman has to feel the earth move to produce a baby. While it might not be good for a woman’s satisfaction quotient, at least less stress is involved knowing that your chances of making a baby are the same whatever the outcome on the pleasure Richter scale.

After sex

There is some evidence that IFV has been more successful if the recipient stays lying down for 15 minutes after sex, so it’s worth giving that a try. You could place a pillow in the small of your back to tilt the sperm’s passage towards the moving target and give nature a helping hand.

Peeing after sex is always a good idea to help avoid UTI’s so if after you have rested you notice extra moisture when you wipe, be assured that is like the semen – not the sperm that after ten to fifteen minutes are likely of swimming towards your fallopian tubes and hopefully a ready and waiting egg.

Long-term Pill users fall pregnant faster

While you don’t usually want to get pregnant when you’re on the Pill, researchers have found that being on the Pill for a lengthy period of time, then stopping in the hope of having a baby, might actually help you conceive. On studying over 8,000 pregnancies in the UK, scientists found that prolonged usage of the Pill was associated with a significant decrease in delayed pregnancies. In other words, you’re far likely to fall pregnant sooner than non long-term Pill-takers.

Choose your lubricant carefully

Using a lubricant during sex might actually prevent you from getting pregnant. Most lubricants potentially affecting the sperms swimming ability and lifespan, and so reducing your chance of falling pregnant. Experts recommend using a specific ‘fertility friendly’ lube, or warm water.

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