Baby-making sex

If trying for a baby is taking longer than you hoped, check out these top tips for conceiving.

Try the missionary position or doggy-style


There are only two sexual positions that scientists have examined, regarding how likely you are to conceive – the missionary position and rear entry, or doggy-style. Using magnetic resonance imaging technology experts confirmed that both positions fire sperm high up into the cervix (no kidding), and are great sexual positions if you want to fertilise an egg. As no other sexual positions have been studied, it could be that spooning, or doing the reverse cowgirl, has just as much effect.

Don’t worry if the earth doesn’t move!


While it’s obvious that a guy has to have an orgasm to conceive a baby, scientists haven’t found any evidence that says a woman has to feel the earth move to produce a baby. While it might not be good for a woman’s satisfaction quotient, at least less stress is involved knowing that your chances of making a baby are the same whatever the outcome on the pleasure Richter scale.

Practice doing the bicycle

There are millions of sperm ejaculated each time you have sex with your partner, so it shouldn’t be necessary to stay lying down after sex to ensure the most little wrigglers make it through your cervix and into your fallopian tubes. However, some experts say it doesn’t harm to try, so after sex stay put on your back for a while, placing a pillow in the small of your back to tilt the sperm’s passage towards the moving target and give nature a helping hand.

Long-term Pill users fall pregnant faster

While you don’t usually want to get pregnant when you’re on the Pill, researchers have found that being on the Pill for a lengthy period of time, then stopping in the hope of having a baby, might actually help you conceive. On studying over 8,000 pregnancies in the UK, scientists found that prolonged usage of the Pill was associated with a significant decrease in delayed pregnancies. In other words, you’re far likely to fall pregnant sooner than non long-term Pill-takers.

Leave out the lubricant

Using a lubricant during sex might actually prevent you from getting pregnant. Most lubricants change the pH balance inside the vagina, potentially affecting the sperms swimming ability and reducing your chance of falling pregnant. Experts recommend using a natural oil, such as olive oil, as a lubricant if you want to err on the safe side and have the most efficient baby-making sex possible.

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