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Pregnancy mood swings

Wondering where that radiant pregnant glow has disappeared to but can’t stop crying long enough to check in the mirror?

During pregnancy your body is going through incredible hormonal changes. These changes can affect your skin, teeth, hair and body. Is it any wonder your emotional state can also be altered?

Mood swings during pregnancy are normal. Sometimes simply understanding that (and ensuring that the people closest to you also understand) is all you need to cope.

The nausea and tiredness that you might be feeling in the first trimester can leave you feeling low, but remember it will usually ease after the third month.

A small percentage of women are affected by ante-natal depression during pregnancy. If you feel that your mood swings are leaving you more down than up, be sure to speak to family and friends about it and if you have any concerns, your doctor or midwife can help recommend further support.

Healthy eating is important and can have a huge impact on your energy levels and general wellbeing. Double-check that you’re:

  • Eat a balanced diet and make sure you choose foods from each food group
  • Avoid foods that can harm your pregnancy (find more information on the foods to avoid when you’re pregnant)
  • Eat in moderation
  • Take time out. Even if it is just ten minutes a day to do something that makes you feel positive and special. Think ahead to the joy that waits for you at the end of your pregnancy. Most of all, don’t get angry or frustrated at yourself for experiencing some erratic mood swings during your pregnancy.

Talking with other expectant mums who maybe experiencing the same thing can also help.


It is perfectly natural to have mood swings during your first trimester. Reminding yourself of that can help you cope.

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