20 Dinner Ideas Kids Can Cook When You’re Exhausted

So you’ve had a busy day and you haven’t even started thinking about what to cook the hungry hordes for dinner. How’s this for an idea? Let’s get the kids in the kitchen to help make an easy dinner everyone will love!

From gathering to measuring out ingredients; cleaning and peeling vegetables to adding toppings, there are plenty of tasks kids can do to help with dinner preparation.

Here are 20 super simple dinner recipes that will take next to no time to make. Aside from the cooking and the cutting bits requiring grown-up assistance, these dinner ideas are easy enough for the kids to make.

They’ll be immensely proud of what they’ve achieved and might even develop a whole new appreciation for your nightly cooking efforts. Here’s hoping, anyway!

1. Three-ingredient mac and cheese

That’s right, just three simple ingredients and dinner is sorted. Have the kids stir through the cheese and watch them chow down on their cheesy creation.

2. Healthy fish fingers with guacamole

These delicious fish fingers are baked and not fried and kids DO love those golden crunchy crumbs. Here we serve them with a yummy side of guacamole that is so simple the kids could even make it.

3. Basic omelette

Nothing says ‘easy dinner’ like an omelette and this basic one is not only simple, it also packs a powerful protein punch. Get the kids sprinkling the ingredients and watch those plates come back entirely clean.

4. Veggie pikelets

Kids love pikelets. Have them add their own choice of veggies to the mixture for a yummy veggie alternative to the usual sweet variety. They’ll be coming back for seconds, guaranteed.

5. Simple pumpkin soup

Sweet, simple and easy to prepare, this delightful little number is an absolute cracker. Have the kids butter crusty white bread to accompany it and be rewarded with empty bowls.

6. Homemade Sizzler’s cheese toast

If you can’t face anything more than a grilled sandwich for dinner, get the kids putting together this legendary little number … just like the one from Sizzler.

7. Ham and pineapple pizza muffins

Got English muffins and left over ham on hand? Kids are going to lose their minds over this hands-on pizza idea.

8. Bull’s eye egg

An egg cooked in a piece of bread? Oh. My. God. Simple, quick and easy for kids to prepare. Winning.

9. Microwave jacket potatoes

Got a microwave? Then you have jacket potatoes – in minutes! Kids, just add fillings. Too easy!

10. Tasty homemade tacos

If you can’t face a kitchen of kids ‘helping’, you could always make these tacos. Have the kids put their own tacos together and it’s almost, sort of, like them cooking or at least, serving themselves.

11. Family-friendly chicken fajitas

Those Mexicans sure know how to do dinner. Here’s another great way to get the kids involved in preparing their own dinner to devour.

12. Chicken nuggets

Who doesn’t love making a chicken nugget? Small parcels of yumminess that are just as fun for kids to make as they are to eat.

13. Chicken and antipasto rice

For something a little fancier, this dish is perfect for your little one to impress grandma with when she come to visit.

14. Kids pasta salad

For a simple, tasty salad that will satisfy, this pasta salad will keep little hands busy and little tummies full.

15. Mini pita pizzas

Did someone say mini pita pizzas? Kids are going to fall over themselves to add the toppings and chow down on these.

16. Scrambled eggs

Whoever says scrambled eggs are a breakfast food has never tried eating them for dinner. Kids absolutely love it and will do a great job stirring the eggs in the pan.

17. Easy sausage rolls

Finger foods for dinner? You know your kids are going to flip for these. Have them roll the meat into the centre of the pastry.

18. Easy spaghetti bolognese

This family favourite isn’t difficult for kids to master and is a great addition to their expanding repertoire.

19. Simple fried rice

Here’s a tasty dinner the kids can whip up for all without too much fuss. Go on, let them give it a go.

20. Pizza subs

And last, but not least, here is the ultimate kid-tastic dinner solution, homemade pizza subs. Creativity knows no limits with this simple, tasty dinner idea.

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