20 healthy and high protein family dinners

Whether you’re trying to cut down on carbs, stay full, build lean muscle, lose weight, recharge for the day or just keep in good health, a high-protein dinner is a very smart choice. We’ve compiled 20 of the best.


Just because you’re eating meat-free, doesn’t mean you can’t pack a protein punch, as these veggo recipes will attest!

1. Roast veggies with goat’s cheese and lentils

All the goodness of veggies with the power of protein courtesy of the cheese and lentils, served with a double helping of yum.

2. Thai roasted tofu with ginger basil and chilli vegetables

High-protein tofu gets a turbo-boosted flavour charge thanks to Thai herbs and spices – there’ll be no accusations of tofu blandness here!

3. White bean peperonata

Tasty and easily rustled up with pantry ingredients, this is the perfect way to pack some pulse protein power into a veggo dish.

4. Pumpkin and chickpea salad

A bright, healthy salad that is also super filling thanks to our friend the chickpea. Onya, chickpea.

Eggs and cheese

Nothing like a bit of dairy goodness to up the protein factor.

5. Chorizo kale and feta frittata

You’ve got your chorizo, you’ve got your feta, you’ve got your eggs … this is a protein smorgasbord, peeps!

6. Healthy bacon and vegetable frittata

Cheap, cheerful, healthy and you can bung it on the dinner table in 20 minutes flat. Plus,  that whole protein thing.

7. Crustless quiche

A delish bacon and cheese quiche without the heaviness of a crust.

BBQ beauties

With the weather still warm, what easier way to get some protein into you than firing up the barbie?

8. Chargrilled lamb and vegetables

Quick and easy, this one also boasts being egg, gluten and lactose-free. Bit of a show-off, really.

9. BBQ pork ribs

Sticky and delicious, these finger lickin’ good pork ribs will have your family saying, “carb who?”

10. Sausage salad

Bangers don’t have to be served on a slice of bread or with a side of mash, y’know. Pair them with a salad to get more bang for your banger!

Fantastic fish

You can’t go past healthy, figure-friendly fish as a perfect source of protein … and most of these have an additional hit of protein from another food source, too.

11. Barbecued salmon with asparagus

Simple but eye-rollingly good. And very proteiny. Cos that’s what this post is all about, kids!

12. Dukkah-crusted salmon and chickpea salad

Multiple sources of protein here, guys. Multiple. And it’s rather fancy and a wee bit tasty too.

13. Macadamia-crusted fish

The added protein power of nuts also lends a delectable crunch to the barramundi’s sweet flavours.


Our dear friend the chook has plenty of protein tucked under those little wings. And there are plenty of ways to serve it up to double up on protein power.

14. Chicken rissoles with mash and gravy

Nothing like a good old rissole to please the kiddies, paired with some mash, gravy and relish for a complete meal. And plenty of protein for everyone.

15. Warm chicken, avocado and mango salad

A beautiful, light and healthy summer dish. That whole protein thing is just a bonus.

16. Chicken and haloumi patties

With two great sources of protein, this recipe also wins for being super versatile – you can serve these babies up any number of ways.

17. 3-ingredient dukkah chicken

What it lacks in ingredients, it makes up for in protein. Anyone else starting to get sick of seeing the word protein? Just me then …

Beaut beef

18. Beef and feta koftas

Greek-style beef mince is perfect with feta and served with a large dollop of yoghurt for extra you-know-what.

 19. BBQ beef san choi bao

This Asian classic combines beef mince with an irresistible Chinese barbecue sauce, all served in a delectable little lettuce cup. A sure-fire winner with the whole family.

20. Hearty beef and quinoa stew

All the protein power of delicious chunks of beef – and betcha didn’t know that quinoa is a none-too-shabby protein source too. Sigh, is there nothing that ancient grain can’t do?

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