Disney+ Destinations: Monstropolis Fun Activities

Welcome to Monstropolis, a city inhabited by monsters of every imagination.It’s a diverse city where every monster is trying to get a table at Harryhausen’s restaurant! It’s also the setting for Monsters At Work, a new animated Disney+ TV series where eager new Monsters University recruit, Tylor Tuskmon, hopes to fulfil his dream of working on the scare floor at Monsters Inc, only to find that Monstropolis is now powered by the laughter of children.Share some giggle-inducing jokes and fill the city with monster belly laughs!

Disney+ Destinations: Portorosso Fun Activities

Come and explore the colourful streets, turquoise waters, and sun-drenched countryside of the beautiful Italian Riviera. The fishing village of Portorosso is the setting for Luca, a Disney and Pixar movie about one young boy and an unforgettable summer of discovery. Luca and his new friend share an amazing adventure, but they hide a secret – they’re really sea creatures from below the waves of the Mediterranean.

Playdough memory game

Kids love playdough, not only can they model anything they want out of it, but it can also be useful for learning about shapes and colours.  This  playdough memory game is great for children who love a challenge.

Make A Cardboard Castle

It's not just dollhouses that can be made from cardboard. You can also make a cool fort or castle out of a cardboard box and some toilet rolls. This easy recycled craft activity will provide hours of imaginative play for your child.