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The Warehouse Toy Month is happening from 27th June – 21st July 2019 and to celebrate, we sent one of our Junior Toy Analysts along to The Warehouse to try out a few toys that caught her eye.

Meet Emma, our Junior Toy Analyst

EmmaAge: 11 years old

Favourite colour: Rose Gold

Favourite food: Hot chips and chocolate

Favourite toy: Anything LOL

Emma is a 11-year old intrepid traveler who loves having adventures with her family and making up fun games to play with her friends. Her favourite toys are LOL’s and she loves giving forever homes to the FurReal Friends range. She enjoys using her imagination to play with miniature toys and has a big heart for animals of the real and toy variety.

FurReal Friends – Ricky, Trick Lovin Pup

If you thought an animatronic dog couldn’t provide hours of fun, think again!

The FurReal Friends – Ricky, Trick Lovin Pup was a massive hit with Emma who was as excited to meet Ricky as she would any gorgeous little pup.

Emma and her mum quickly powered him up and spent the day getting to know Ricky, a toy that proved to be an absolute delight from the outset. Ricky has big blue eyes and soft fur which appealed to Emma before he even came to life and once he started moving and making cute puppy noises, she quickly adopted him as her #1 pet.

With features that allow Ricky to shake hands, lick your face, eat and poop dog biscuits, Ricky is about as close as you can come to a real life puppy (but with less maintenance).

Emma loved interacting with Ricky and he had her giggling with what he could do and how interactive he could be. Emma’s mum didn’t see her for most of the weekend as she learnt tricks with Ricky and played with him as if he was a real pup.

What does the family think?

Emma and her mum loved Ricky and would recommend this toy to any child who is an animal lover or family who is looking at getting a real life pup. With enough features to keep the kids entertained, the family can enjoy this toy that makes it feel like you have a puppy in your home but without the mess and smell. 

Emma’s ranking: 5 stars

Zuru – Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama

Boppi the Llama is a high energy ball of furry fun and Emma fell instantly in love with this booty shaking little toy. With her bright colours, soft fur and happy face, Emma lit up straight away at how cute Boppi is and couldn’t control her joy when Boppi starting shaking her booty to the music.

A toy that filled her home with infectious laughter, Emma found Boppi hilarious and loved watching her dance along the floor. With 3 songs and a dance to go with each, Boppi grooved her way into Emma’s heart.

What does the family think?

Emma fell in love with Boppi and your kids will too. A big hit in their household, Emma’s mum feels like this would be the perfect gift for ages 4+ and would easily keep little imaginations entertained for hours with her unique dance moves.

Emma’s ranking: 4.5 stars

So if you have an animal loving child, they’ll find hours of fun playing with these gorgeous toys that will give your family all the joy of a real pet without any of the mess or responsibility. Available now in The Warehouse’s Big Toy Month sale, be sure to check out FurReal Ricky The Trick Lovin’ Pup and Zuru Pets Alive Boppi The Booty Shakin’ Llama.

What is your child’s favourite animal?

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  1. MuddledUpMolly 30/07/2019 at 10:14 pm

    It is great to see older children doing reviews as they are able to articulate things for themself 🙂 Our son is 9 so we have signed him up to hopefully review a new toy in future. I always enjoy seeing how other children react to a new toy before venturing out to buy one.

  2. Alezandra 28/07/2019 at 12:15 am

    This review is just cool, and seeing it with the eyes of the kid. The fur real dog would be a good toy to try out before even thinking of getting a real pet – dog or cat as it’s a big responsibility. And we also saw that booty shakin llama at the Warehouse and it was hilarious and my 4 year was laughing and kept playing with it. This is such a good opportunity to do toy reviews for 8 – 15 year olds too.

  3. candyjanenz 21/07/2019 at 3:59 pm

    I think my boys would love the toy puppy and when they are older teaching the puppy all of the tricks. They would probably also love a chicken, duck or cat one too.

  4. Mands1980 17/07/2019 at 7:24 pm

    What great fun toys I have never heard or seen of these before. The fur real friends seem really cool and I can see how kids love these and the realistic pup sounds through the videos. Boppi the lama sounds really cool too what kids don’t love toys like these they are pretty cool.

  5. Shorrty4life1 17/07/2019 at 2:36 pm

    Wowee the fur real dog looks absolutely awesome like a real furry friend that almost comes to life. Super awesome. I also loved the bootie shaking toy too I could see my daughter jamming to that hardout. The videos are great to give a real idea of how annoying the different toys would actually be lol. They look very awesome like very big hits.

    • Shorrty4life1 17/07/2019 at 3:44 pm

      Both My kids favourite animals are dogs they absolutely adore dogs.

  6. SarahBlair 13/07/2019 at 10:31 pm

    These toys both look so fun! My daughter is obsessed with horses at the moment but loves all animals! If only she was a few months older and I could put her down as a reviewer!

  7. Micht 12/07/2019 at 11:33 am

    My daughters so desperately want a puppy. but we are in a rental so cannot at the moment.Ricky the puppy would be so loved by my girls. Thanks for the review, its really something we will consider as a temporary fix till we get a real one… as for the llama that just cracks me up…lol

  8. Bevik1971 09/07/2019 at 9:29 am

    Haha that Llama though!! That would probably do my head in!!! It is pretty funny I could definitely see my 6 year old daughter cracking up at this 🙂 She really loves the Fur Real toys though and always plays with them when we visit The Warehouse. I think she would really love Ricky, he looks cute and very cool how he does tricks (and poops!!). We are unable to get a dog as we live in an inner city apartment, so Ricky would be the next best thing 🙂

  9. Jen_Wiig 08/07/2019 at 9:08 pm

    This is so cool seeing a real kids review on a kids toy…staright from the horses mouth as they’d say . Absolutely love the idea of the fur real dog my boys have asked so many times fora puppy but I’m hesitant so getting this would be good practice perhaps and something all three could enjoy together and take turns being responsible for.
    Also filled out the form for my two older boys think they’d absolutely love to be reviewers especially being in slightly different age brackets too, one coming into tween hood and the other now a new teen.

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