ROBO ALIVE T-REX is a Hit Pick for the Kids

ZURU unveiled two new additions to its ROBO ALIVE portfolio – the Attacking T-REX and Super-Fast, Super-Scary Spider!

Using pioneering robotic technology, enhanced motion sensors and based on real-life creatures, ZURU’s ROBO ALIVE brand currently includes best-seller ROBOFISH, followed more recently by snakes and lizards. Now we can add the attacking T-REX which walks like the real thing, is available in two colours and its mouth opens to roar and bite! Plus the Spider which scurries with the markings of a Black Widow!


We’re a dinosaur loving family with two boys under 5 and I’m certain the Robo Alive T-REX is going to be firm favourite toy, especially for Christmas! Nothing like a real looking dinosaur, moving and sounding like a real dinosaur, to thrill and engage the kids in imaginative play.

We had one in each colour and the boys were engrossed the minute they were out of the box. Don’t forget to have batteries on hand to get the dinos going, they don’t seem to go through battery power too quickly but we do use high usage batts for these types of things. For a parent it wasn’t one of those super annoying toys that finds its way to the top of the fridge or somehow permanently broken no matter now many (flat) batteries I put in it. No, it was unobtrusive roars coming from the kids bedroom followed by mimicked roars, growls and laughter from the kids.

I don’t think any dino loving kid would be disappointed in their cretaceous pal and no parent unhappy to see the imaginative play or hear the interesting (I’m chuckling quietly) conversations these re-known carnivores have in the hands of a 4 year old!

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This scurrying Black Widow is probably a better fit for older kids, while my under 5s were thrilled to scare me every chance they could get I’m not sure the spider would survive long with my two heavy handed boys, the legs would get pulled out first with the body accidentally trod on by me, probably!

But thrilled they were to chuck the spooky looking arachnid towards me and let it spin and scuttle along the floor – flat shiny surface only, it struggled to move on carpets and rugs (which pleased me). They spent their play with the scary spider coming up with various places to hide it where I’d find it and scream in over-acted fear. It moved along like a battery powered toy car and turned in circles sounding like a toy train. I think the unrealistic movement and sound of the Black Widow meant the kids were less inclined to set it off on the floor and spent more time conspiring master plans of how to scare mum again, and again, and again, and again. For this reason, I’m out. But the kids were in for the scare factor!

robolive spider

The Robo Alive range are all affordably priced for a robotic toy with the tech to move and sound like the real thing! The kids get the benefit of using their imaginations and traditional play while also getting the delight of seeing their digital toy character come to life in front of their eyes. Spiders, dinosaurs, lizards, snakes and scared parents, what more could a kid wish for?!

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What’s your kids favourite Robo toy?

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