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Belly Beyond

Increase your peace of mind with our range of baby safety products including touchless thermometers, baby monitors (including video), sleep wraps and swaddles. Our extensive range, knowledgeable staff and amazing pricing is what sets us apart from the rest

ThumbGuard NZ 5/5 (1)

Stop Thumbsucking Now! TGuard AeroThumb is made of medical grade plastic which sits over the thumb and is fixed firmly around the wrist with secure brightly coloured bracelets. Please visit our website for more information!

Safe T Sleep

The Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®, the world’s most flexible, safe, snug, babywrap! Safer, more restful, longer sleep for baby and YOU. Use the code ‘KIDSPOT’ for 25% OFF any Sleepwrap! Ends 31 October 2020.