Animal cards

Animal cards

Inspire their imaginations with a fun game of animal cards. This easy kids activity is a great year-round art and craft project and will let your kids imaginations take flight as they create and invent new and amazing creatures!

What you need:

  • index cards
  • crayons or markers

Number of players:


Start by placing the index cards horizontally on a table with the blank side up – do two rows with one row stacked directly on top of the other.

Encourage your child to draw a head on the top card and a matching body and legs and feet on the bottom card.

Let them create as many as they can think of. A number of games can be played with the completed batch of cards.

Let your child mix the heads and bodies of the different animals to create hilarious creatures.

Or, turn them over and play a game of match – each player gets to choose two cards and if they match, they are a pair and count as one match. This is repeated while the players get more familiar with what is on the underside of each card and more and more pairs are matched.

The one with the most matches wins!

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