Horse lover’s dream

Do you have a horse lover in the family? This is a super fun activity to use up old wrapping paper rolls and will keep the kids entertained for hours! You can even create a gymkhana with different horse events for the kids to take part in.

What you need:

  • adult sock
  • permanent markers
  • knitting wool or similar for the mane
  • broom handle or roll from inside gift wrapping paper
  • cord or rope for the reins

Number of players:


Fill up the foot of the sock with crunched up newspaper, old tights or anything else that will give a bit of shape to the head.

Use the permanent markers on the head to create the horse face.

Hold the sock upside down with the toe to your right and envision the toe as the mouth.

Go from there. Glue the wool on starting at the heel and move towards the face for the mane.

Then slip the sock onto the broom handle or other cardboard cylinder and tie securely to look like the bridle.

Tie the reins on and your new horse is all set for riding.

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