Party tips from Kidspot mums

Make your child’s birthday party a simple success with these clever ideas and tips from the Kidspot community.

“I’m planning my daughter’s 4th birthday party, we’re having it in a park. It’s going to be a teddy bear picnic party. All kids will be asked to bring their favourite teddy bear or soft toy. So many ideas stem from this, like teddy bear’s having their own picnic, a goodie hunt in the park, a piñata on a tree, etc. For four year olds, the park is the best place for them to run around, get fresh air and party all in one. ”

Natalie Cossar


“My mum “invented” jelly oranges 25 years ago. The kids would love coming to our parties in particular and eating the jelly oranges. Made by cutting the oranges in half, scooping out the flesh and pouring in jelly, letting them set in the fridge then cutting into wedges. My daughter’s first birthday is coming up and she will be having “Nanna’s Jelly Oranges” at her party too!! It isn’t a real birthday party unless there are jelly oranges!”

Simone Hepton


“Hire toys for your party! It’s cheap and for the first couple of birthdays, even though we might want to organise lots of games, they just want to play. It’s less stressful and everyone has a good time!”

Jodie Gamble


“My best birthday party tip is to make good use of local hire places and toy libraries. Use your local toy library to hire a party pack, complete with play equipment to amuse the older kids. For the younger kids we hired an enormous play pen for the day from a local baby shop – the best $15 we ever spent!”

Rachel Armstrong


“I have always rigged my pass the parcel games so that I can customise the presents for each child and it helps the adults playing to know who is coming up next and make sure that child is actively involved in the game at that stage for their turn. This works really well if you have a mix of kids, and the same toy or present can make the game a bit boring.”

Benoni Henderson


“My best party tip would have to be not to have it running over a sleep time!!!!!”

Anne Seymour


“Make birthday bon bons, with things like matchbox cars for boys and hair ribbons for girls. You can also get the kids to help make them in the colours to match the party. Everyone leaves with a little gift.”

Johneen Reeves


“Every year we make birthdays a big deal because of the milestones that have been reached. I have now had 14 birthday parties with my kids and after attending many others (too many to count) this is the best advice I can give.

By keeping numbers down to a manageable 6-8 kids :

  • You’re children will not be overwhelmed on the day and will get to see and play with all the birthday guests.
  • They will learn the value of good friendship especially when they explain why they want those six children there.
  • It makes it so much more affordable to do a quality party with great food.
  • Games are easy to manage due to short attention spans and prizes can be of a better quality.
  • You’re able to engage longer with parents and find out about their family.
  • You can store all the food you will need in the fridge without having to hire that mobile fridge unit.
  • It’s all about having fun, getting amongst it and making it a day for them to remember. I love them!”

Paula Smith


“My tip is to keep kids parties short and simple! Go back to basics with the party food, and sneak in some healthy choices disguised with fun! For example, balls of different melons, funny fruit and vegie biscuit faces, oven baked sweet potato chips, and sugar free lollies and soft drinks. Party bags can have a craft item and a box of sultanas, and a few sugar free lollies of course!”

Anita Dovell


“The most successful kid’s party I have hosted so far is a combined football party for two age groups. It does not matter how many kids are invited, we have had over forty kids attend. Equally divide the different age groups and at the end of every quarter, have them come and grab something to eat, ie; sausages in bread and a drink, then sweets and lollies and last of all THE BIRTHDAY CAKE. It’s a great day and we have done this for two years now and kids look forward to the party. ”

Leisa Shields


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