2 ingredient strawberry pie

2 ingredient strawberry pie



  • 6 cups (900g) Greek yoghurt
  • 2 pkts (85g) strawberry jelly crystals


Step 1. Spray a pie dish with cooking spray and set aside.

Step 2. Place yoghurt and jelly crystals into a bowl.

Step 2. Mix using a mixer until all crystals are dissolved.

Step 4. Pour into pie dish and freeze for 4-6 hours. Slice and top with cream if desired.

2 ingredient strawberry pie

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Serving Suggestions


  • Alternatively, you could make a lime pie with lime jelly instead of strawberry jelly.
  • You really need to make sure those crystals are dissolved for this recipe to work.
  • This recipe was created by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot, New Zealand's best recipe finder.

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