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If you’ve got an under 5 no doubt you’ve heard of the super hero kids who save the world in their pyjamas; Owlette, Cat Boy and Gecko escapade in the night dealing with the troublesome villains Night Ninja and Romeo, the crazy scientist. 

Featured in The Warehouse Big Toy Sale throughout July is the PJ Masks Headquarter Play-set. Our own little heroes can be the pyjama-ed hero Cat Boy and defend the headquarters! My kid has collected the team of PJ Masks figures so this imaginative play turned into a full blown episode of pyjama adventure, with all the heroes and villains – this play-set comes with Cat Boy and his blue Cat Boy vehicle, others are sold separately.

pj masks playlet

The control centre, which plays fun phrases from the show and lights up when you press the buttons, is where I saw Cat Boy and the team huddled waiting for their mission instructions. Then he was off slipping down the headquarter slide at great pace, and into his Cat Boy car into the night to apprehend my sons favourite villain Night Ninja!

The apprehended Ninja was swiftly inserted and spun around on a spinning door, it’s a revolving door apparently for quick hero escapes so I’m not sure if it was entirely the best place to “lock up” a villain, and as it turns out Night Ninja was not heard from again, out of sight, out of mind.

PJ Masks playset
cat boy pj masks
pj masks playset

With no time to lose Cat Boy was up the elevator, past the team still milling around the control centre and up to the super owl-vision look out on the top level, after peering through the super owl-vision another villain, Romeo, was spotted lurking in plain view! Finally the other figures were called into play, Gecko was sent to the Furball Shooter on the second level – a little blue ball shot out from the shooter in the direction of Romeo. Owlette randomly decided to exercise on the cat rings, it must have been the stress of all the emergency action.

pj masks playset

Cat Boy raced out of  the car doorway/launching pad on the bottom floor in his vehicle to capture Romeo who was then held captive in the movable tree trap. The tree trap/gates open and close with the same slider that spins the revolving door, and with that move of closing the tree gates trapping Romeo, the revolving door spun back around too and Night Ninja reappeared… he was back in the game, and so the adventure continued! FYI Owlette stopped exercising and took over the shooter from Gecko who spent the rest of the play-set episode going up and down the elevator and slide.

Watching kids play can be most entertaining.

PJ Masks playset

A durable play-set the PJ Masks Headquarters is compatible with all three inch figures (sold separately), so the kids can play with all six available characters. With revolving doors and tree branches, a doorway for the Cat Boy car, the fur ball shooter, cat rings, super owl-vision, a control centre, Cat Boy and his vehicle, a full fun hour was spent by my boys, aged 2 & 5 years old, recreating or imagining their very own night-time adventure with their favourite super hero kids in pyjamas.

PJ Masks playset

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