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If you haven’t been hearing the building chatter of excitement around Disney Pixar’s release of Toy Story 4 I don’t know where you’ve been! Toy Story 4 is IN CINEMAS NOW and if your kids haven’t already been introduced to the most delightful series of films about a kid and his beloved toys, they surely will be.

Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Jessie, Mr Potato Head, Slinky and all the gang that come and go, will become household names if your kids fall in-love with the films and their characters, just as the kids of the past near 25 years have succumbed to these heart melting stories, and toys that come to life when we’re not looking!

Buzz Lightyear toy

Along with this love connection comes the real life toys themselves, of course, there’s LEGO Toy Story sets, Toy Story figures, even adult trainers tipping the hat and nodding to the story that’s captured our hearts, imagination and nostalgia over the lightyears.

Two favourite characters in our house are, as you’d probably suspect, Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear the main besties in the films, famously voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, who are also the favourites of their owner “Andy” in the stories. I have one son captured by Woody and his goofy leadership and big hearted nature, and another son captured by Buzz and his brave attitude and courageous loyalty… not forgetting he’s a Space Ranger super hero, or “spacetronaut” (apparently) who has a jet pack and flies around dark matter (otherwise known as space to most kids, but not mine apparently), flying to Infinity and Beyond (“that’s a planet, actually” apparently).

Buzz Lightyear toy

There’s many many Disney Pixar Toy Story figures of the beloved characters in the world, Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Bunny, Jessie, Forky, Duke Caboom, Ducky, Rex and Slinky all ready for a kid with an imagination, and keenness for some storytelling action play! As luck would have it The Warehouse have the BIG TOY MONTH – a big toy sale throughout July and various Toy Story 4 toys are featured, from soft and hard figures to remote control RCs, from games to LEGO sets!

So Buzz Lightyear himself, THE Buzz Lightyear, turned up in his box at the end of a 5 year old’s bed. I cannot begin to describe the EXCITEMENT that unleashed from his wonder filled soul upon this discovery! My heart burst.

Buzz Lightyear toy

Our Buzz is the basic version which can be purchased for $20, at almost half the price of other Buzz’s our basic Buzz doesn’t come with wings or his clear helmet, but he does come with just as much thrill of a Space Ranger super hero spacetronaut as any other!

Buzz Lightyear toy

Buzz at 7” is solid as and pairs perfectly with his Sheriff Woody compatriot, they have a friend in each other after all. Buzz has pose-ability, that is the ability to pose, movable, rotatable arms and legs allow him to move about, stand about, and fly about using a “special flying pose” allowing for my 5 year old to really crank in to his action packed, creative, space adventure and galactic lazer noise story-telling play! Press Buzz’s button and hear “I am Buzz Lightyear, I come in peace”, “Buzz Lightyear star command, come in star command”, ”there’s a secret mission in uncharted space – let’s go!”, “stand back while I power up my laser” (basic Buzz doesn’t have an actual laser), “I protect the galaxy from the threat of invasion from the evil Emperor Zurg, sworn enemy of the galactic alliance” – to name a few, along with laser, crash and “kai-ya” sounds, and of course… “to infinity and beyond!”

Buzz Lightyear toy

These Toy Story figures are a joy to watch in the hands of a kid, especially one that’s fallen in-love with the films and characters, particularly Buzz and his unequalled courage inspiring his 5 year old owner to get into the spirit of story-telling action play, to protect the galaxy.. and his friends, seek the good amoungst the toys, face adventure together, and fly threw his imagination to infinity and beyond!

Buzz Lightyear toy

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  1. Micht 08/07/2019 at 8:19 pm

    My fave personally is woody…and my daughter seems to like the shepherd girl more… i love that Toy Story keeps coming back…its one of very few things that preserves the innocence of a childs world… stirs the imagination to see their toys differently and turn away from tech, i hope?!

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