Baby shower food

Part of the fun of throwing a baby shower is the catering, and while you don’t have to go crazy cooking up a storm, guests will expect to find food and drinks at your baby shower. Before you consider your catering options, think about the following:

How many people do you want to invite?

Obviously, the more people you invite, the more food you need to supply. So, if you want to serve a full meal, it’s probably advisable to try to keep the number of guests below 10, but if you’re happy to have a morning or afternoon tea, where guests can help themselves to a buffet of delicious finger food, you can extend the guest list.

Having a large guest list will increase your workload, particularly in the catering department, so if you do want to invite 50 of your closest girlfriends, perhaps consider asking guests to bring a plate, or try roping in some willing helpers.

When do you plan to hold your baby shower?

Time of day will really dictate the type and quantity of food you’ll need for your baby shower. Holding it between mealtimes – morning or afternoon tea – will remove the need to serve really substantial food. But throw a lunch or dinner baby shower, and your guests will arrive, reasonably expecting to be fed properly.

Do you have a baby shower theme?

If you’re keen on having a baby shower theme, there are lots of ways you can easily tie the food you serve into the theme. Colour themes – pink and blue are popular choices, what a surprise! – can easily be followed through with matching coloured food. And simple motifs such as stars or flowers can be duplicated in icing decorations, and sandwich and biscuit shapes.

More ambitious themes may lead you into slightly more adventurous catering waters – a Hawaiian theme could have Hawaiian punch, fruit kebabs, and ham and pineapple mini pizzas.


Whatever you choose to serve, the most important thing about catering for guests is that the food should be safe to eat and look inviting – don’t go too wild with the food colouring.

Who are you inviting to your baby shower?

What you choose to serve at your baby shower will be impacted by who you invite:

  • Young children accompanying mum may need kid-friendly snacks to keep them happy
  • Elderly relatives may not be comfortable standing around with a serviette and finger food

How much time do you have to prepare food?

Don’t be too ambitious – choose a menu you know you can accomplish in the timeframe you have. There’s no sense in stressing yourself unnecessarily because you chose to tackle a three-tiered fondant-iced cake for your baby shower.

Quick and simple food can be just as interesting, so choose a menu that is easy to prepare.

Baby shower recipes:

Will you have help preparing your baby shower menu?

We all know that many hands make light work, so if you have friends or family who are happy to help you cater your event, put them to work! You can afford to be slightly more ambitious with your menu if you know that you’ll have help in the kitchen on the day of the baby shower.

Alternatively, if you know you’re not going to get any help, adjust your menu accordingly. Or consider asking friends to bring a plate to lighten your load.

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