20 Pies The Whole Family Will Love

When it comes to a meal that will please the whole clan, it’s hard to go past the humble pie!

There’s just something about popping one on the dining table that can’t fail to excite feelings of warmth, comfort and familial love. From sweet to savoury and little pot pies too, here are 20 of our favourites.

Savoury pies

These pies are the essence of family dining – hearty enough to satisfy everyone and so delicious that even the fussiest eater will succumb!

1. Family meat pie

You can’t get more Kiwi than this.

2. Chicken pie

There’s something just so wholesome about a chicken pie – and this one’s packed with veggies too, so you can feel extra virtuous.

3. Easy fish pie

If like many, you struggle to get your kids to eat fish, this delicious but incredibly simple fish pie will have them begging for seconds.

4. Beef and onion pie

Perfect for footy night. (Or movie night. Or any night of the week.)

Pastry-free pies

Pies don’t have to mean pastry. Try these delicious pies topped with everything from potatoes to cheese.

5. Shepherd’s pie

Winter comfort food doesn’t come much better than every mum’s favourite standby, shepherd’s pie.

6. Mexi-pies

Step aside, tacos. Stand back, enchiladas. Move to the rear, nachos. The Mexi-pie is in town.

7. Family fish pie

Delicious fish in a creamy sauce topped with fluffy mashed potato … need more convincing?

8. Sausage pie

Sausage. Pie. Queue a horde of salivating youngsters begging to know when dinner will be ready!

9. Lamb, sweet potato and tomato pie

A delectable new take on your standard pie that will have you wondering why you’ve never made it before.

Mini pies

Save yourself the ‘his piece is bigger than mine’ heartache with these adorable little mini pies – perfect for dinners, parties and even lunch boxes.

10. Rocket and Mushroom pies

So petite, so French, so magnifique!

11. Super healthy cottage pie

Pies don’t have to be off the menu just because you’re watching your waistline … this one’s super healthy, but still hearty.

12. Chicken party pies

Our advice? Make lots.

13. Baby lamb balti pies

A novel new way to serve up some yummy Indian cuisine, these are delicious with samosas. Make eight little ones or one big one.

14. Potato, bacon and egg pies

Whether they’re served up for breakfast, lunch or dinner, one thing’s for certain – they’ll be wolfed down in a matter of minutes.

15. Chicken Tamale pies

With a ‘crust’ made from bread, these tasty and healthy pies are perfect in lunch boxes.

Sweet pies

Present a pie at dessert time and you’ll have well and truly earnt your crust in the kitchen. (See what I did there?)

16. Banoffee pie

The most cheat-tastic recipe ever – whip it up in a jiffy and say nothing as the praise rolls in.

17. Blackberry pie

Just six ingredients (less if you cheat and use shortcrust pastry) and you’ll have a pie worthy of any bake-off.

18. Apple pie recipe

Needs no introduction. Heaven on a plate.

19. Lemon meringue pie

My favourite pie growing up and the first one I ever tried to make. This version is officially much better.

20. Pecan pie

There’s a reason this southern US dish is a festive favourite – it’s super tasty, y’all!

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