Ricotta pie

Filo is a very forgiving pastry to work with, and it creates a beautiful flaky case for this savoury cheese filling. Keep a packet on hand in the fridge for this delicious, easy meal.

Fish and Potato Pies

These little fish and potato pies are perfect for a toddler meal. With creamy mashed potato and mild-flavoured fish, the entire family will enjoy it - just watch them clear their plates.

Little meat pies

Make your own little party pies with this recipe. Ideal for little fingers they make a great party food option. Make the filling the day before and the final baking will be done in half an hour.

Mini meat pies

These mini meat pies are delicious, and great to make in advance for lunches and dinners throughout the week. Cook up a huge batch and store them in the fridge to be heated up for dinner, or popped in school lunch boxes to save yourself the morning rush.

Banana custard pie

This lovely pie combines homemade custard with fresh bananas and a jam glaze that goes perfectly with a crisp shortcrust pastry shell. Easy to make and a kid-favourite too!

Family fish pie

Family fish pie is delicious with a creamy white sauce you can get it ready in the time it takes the potatoes to boil the entire family will love it

Blackberry pie

This blackberry pie recipe asks only for six ingredients and a little of your time and love and will thank you with a tart to be proud off. Also, if making pastry isn’t at all your thing, just use ready-made shortcrust and no-one will be the wiser.

Easy shepherd’s pie

This classic and easy shepherd's pie is an all-in-one meal. It's wonderfully warming winter fodder. Double up the recipe and freeze a pie for those busy nights when you don't have time to cook.

Salmon filo pies

Here's a twist on an old-fashioned fish pie. The creamy sauce is rich and flavoursome, marrying beautifully with the salmon. And the crispy filo pastry adds texture and crunch.

Pecan pie

This delicious sweet and nutty pie is wonderful served warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream. Use a ready made pastry shell if you're short on time and you can have this ready quick sticks.


These yummy pies use up left over chilli con carne to whip up an easy midweek dinner that the whole family will enjoy. Make life even simpler by using frozen pastry. Job done!

Cottage pie

An old family favourite this recipe will certainly become a favourite with your family. Tasty lamb mince and fluffy mashed potato make this a budget-friendly and filling dinner.

Healthy fish pie

This chunky fish pie has a delicious combination of white and smoked fish tossed through a creamy tomato sauce, covered with filo pastry. It is so gorgeous and light, you’ll want to cook it again and again.

Cheaty chicken pies

Making pies sounds like a lot of hard work - but when you take a few cheaty shortcuts, they are totally doable even as a mid-week meal. These individual chicken pies will be a hit with kids and adults alike. Yum.

Beef and onion pie

Try this hearty meat and veggie pie for a comforting family dinner that everyone will enjoy. Crisp pastry filled with tender chunks of beef and veggies in a rich gravy only needs some mash and veggies to set it off to perfection.