Announcing your pregnancy

Once you reach your second trimester during your pregnancy, you will have passed the most common danger period; had antenatal testing or ultrasounds and are showing signs of a definite baby bump. For even the most secretive of mums-to-be, reaching the second trimester milestone means it’s time to announce your pregnancy.

Family and friends

Telling family and close friends can be more difficult than telling acquaintances. Among those you really know, there could be personal stories that weigh down your own excitement – a best friend who is unable to conceive, a sister who has had a miscarriage, or even a parent in grandparent-denial.

Only you will really know the best way to break the news to all the people that matter – there is no right or wrong method to announcing your pregnancy.

If the news will only be viewed as the joyous occasion it should be, try making it memorable with a special dinner for future grandparents, aunts and uncles. After all, it is these types of announcements that form the wallpaper of family lives – those remembrances to be looked back upon, happily, in later years.

If you have already decided on godparents, invite them, separately, to accept their role in your baby’s life over good food and conversation – further cementing the relationship that you hope will be as special for your child as it obviously is for you.

Your Employer

Make sure you find out your company’s policy on its appropriate notice period and advise your boss in person, before following up with an email or letter of record.

Your employer has a right to discuss your plans for returning to work with you so be prepared with options after first researching your maternity leave entitlements.


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This article was written by Claire Halliday for Kidspot NZ.



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