Baby shower themes

You either love a theme or don’t – and baby showers are no exception. While it’s certainly not obligatory to have a theme, choosing one will determine the direction your baby shower takes so that making decisions abut invitations, decorations, and food become easier.

Baby shower themes can be simple and understated, such as:

  • Colour. Pink or blue are an obvious choice, but you may prefer something bolder or a rainbow mix.
  • Motif. Simple themes such as stars, flowers or the alphabet can lend your baby shower a cohesive feel that’s stylish and subtle.

If you want to go all-out with a baby shower theme, then don’t hold back!

Popular baby shower themes include:

  • Seasonal. If you’re having a Christmas or Easter baby, seasonal theming is a slam-dunk. Get out the holly and tinsel or chocolate eggs and fluffy chickens and you’re all set to go.
  • Hawaiian. (or French, Italian or Mexican…) Dressing your baby shower up to be something else – a luau, fiesta or rustic Italian feast – can be great fun and all decorating, food and invitation decisions are made for you!
  • Nursery. A baby shower almost begs for nursery-style theming. You can use pastel shades, baby blocks, ABCs and 123s along with a liberal dose of Winnie the Pooh, Miffy or whoever your own childhood favourite characters were.


Whatever theme you choose, remember that it’s meant to be a fun component of the day. Your baby shower won’t be ruined if you can’t find giraffe serviettes to match the exact style of your Noah’s Ark tablecloth – while it’s certainly a nice touch, your friends won’t judge you on your theming skills.

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