Bag target piñata game

Bag target piñata game

This is an easy everyday version of a pinata game (minus the sugar) that will use up some energy and help your kids practise gross motor skills at the same time.    

What you need:

  • A bag made of strong paper, plastic or fabric
  • Newspaper
  • String
  • A wooden spoon

Number of players:
2 +


Get your kids to help you tear up newspaper and roll it into balls to fill the punching bag. Stuff it nice and full (the tearing and scrunching is the best part for two year olds.)
When it's full, tie it tightly with string and attach a string to hang it from a hook or doorway.
The idea is simple: try to hit the bag with a wooden spoon. Your kids will shake out a lot of sillies using the bag as a target.  

Hints and tips:

  • You could make a craft activity out of making your own simple drawstring bag and decorating it with a clown face for parties.

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