Barbie online games

Barbie online games

Know a Barbie girl who would love a Barbie world? The Barbie™ online world is devoted to all things Barbie, especially online games. Your Barbie fan can give Barbie an online makeover, play games online and watch episodes of "B Friends", Barbie's weekly TV show.  

What you need:

  • computer with internet access

Number of players:


The Barbie™ online world is designed to be a safe, fun, and exciting place for girls to play online.

Your little girl can play a bevvy of online Barbie-themed games, in fun categories like princess and fairy, fashion, pets, arcade and sporty. She can even organise Barbie and Ken's dream date, play as a Barbie fairy, travel the world and attend Barbie's Princess Charm School. Too cute!

Visit the website now to get started!

There are even FREE episodes of Barbie's "B Friends" that you can sign up for and watch.

Your child will be busy for hours with the many games on offer in the Barbie™ online world, so check out the site today.

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