Basketball maths

Shooting hoops is excellent fun but in this game, it’s the reward! Shoot only when they answer a maths sum correctly, then add points up to see who wins in this action-packed game for small or large numbers of kids.

What you need:

  • waste paper basket
  • masking tape
  • recycled or waste paper
  • a caller


Number of players:


Place the waste paper basket on the floor and take three paces away from it.

Mark a line with masking tape on the floor. This is where the kids will shoot hoops from.

Line children up behind the line and have a pile of paper balls handy.

Call out a maths sum to player one. If the child answers correctly, they get a chance to throw a paper ball at the basket.

For every paper ball that goes in the basket, one point is earned. Incorrect guesses go to the back of the line.

Give each child the same amount of turns and add up the points to see who the winner is.


  • This game can be played with a small amount of players individually or in a class environment.
  • Equations can be altered to suit the age level of the participants.
  • Only paper balls that make it in the basket earn a point, not just a correct answer.

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