This is a fun party game for the kids to play. They will enjoy playing together hiding and finding each other, a game that will keep them entertained for ages!


Divide children into two teams, the sherriffs and the bandits.

The sheriffs cover their eyes and count to 100 while the bandits scatter throughout the house and hide.

The sheriffs then try and find all those in hiding.

When a sheriff finds a bandit he is taken captive and put the jailhouse, somewhere nominated at the begninning of the game.

The first captured bandit must hold onto the jailhouse bars – the leg of the table or the side of a chair – with one hand.

The next captive must hold the hand of the first captive.

Each succeeding captive holds hand with the person before them, so that the captives form a chain.

Meanwhile those bandits who are still in hiding have to sneak back to the jailhouse and must free the captives as quietly as possible.

A bandit may free only one capitve at a time and must free the captive who is last in the chain.

A captive is freed by a touch on the shoulder.

Once free, bandits go off to hide again.

The object of the game is for the sheriffs to capture all the bandits – which may take a while!

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