Easy costume: butterfly mask

Easy costume: butterfly mask

Making masks is a wonderful way for children to get creative with art and then engage in some play with their new craft. Download the free printable below to make a pretty butterfly mask. Just add imagination.

What you need:

Optional extras:

  • glitter glue, feathers, ribbons, anything you want!

Number of players:


Print out the butterfly mask template.

Draw shapes and patterns, colour it in or decorate it with sequins or glitter glue if you have them.

Glue the butterly onto cardboard (a cereal box is perfect) and then cut it out.

Attach the wooden chopstick to one side of the mask (on the blank side of the mask) with the masking tape. Your child can now hold it in front of her face (masquerade-ball style) and be a butterfly whenever the mood takes her.


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