Edible necklaces and bracelets

Edible necklaces and bracelets

Jewellery that is pretty and edible? Kids will love this edible necklaces and bracelets art and craft activity because they can design their own gorgeous accessories and then eat them when they're done.

What you need:

  • large needle
  • cotton wool/thread or curling ribbon
  • breakfast cereal loops

Number of players:


Thread the needle and tie a cereal loop at the end, to get things started.

For younger children, curling ribbon might work better and avoids them using a needle – just wrap some sticky tape around the end so the first piece of cereal doesn't slide right off.

Thread or add the cereal pieces in a pattern or colourful sequence to complete your edible necklace or bracelet.


  • This is a fun activity for little kids, but be warned – they will probably eat as much of the cereal as they thread!
  • These pieces of jewellery won't last for more than a day before going stale and yucky, so make sure that they don't get put away in a jewellery box for safekeeping.

Image from Shutterstock.

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