Glitter Christmas wreath

Glitter Christmas wreath

Christmas wreaths are beautiful whether they are made of buttons, leaves, pine cones or glitter. We love the sparkly type, and with this Christmas craft project it's all about the bling with this show-stopping decoration. So get crafting today and celebrate Christmas in style.

What you need:

  • cardboard or heavy paper
  • glue – clear drying is a must
  • glitter
  • plastic crystals or other glittery beads
  • ribbon

Number of players:


On the back of your cardboard, draw the shape of the wreath you want to create.

Mark a spot for the ribbon hole where you will hang the wreath from.

Cut out the wreath and the centre hole.

Lay the wreath on a flat, cleared space.

Coat the surface of the wreath with a layer of glue. Make sure all of it is covered so you can get as much glitter on as possible.

Sprinkle glitter, crystals or other sparkly decorations on the surface of the glue-covered wreath. Once happy with the decoration, leave it to dry completely (usually overnight).

Thread ribbon through the hole and hang it up for the family to admire.

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