How to grow sweet potatoes

How to grow sweet potatoes

Kids get excited about eating what they grow. Watch the magic in their eyes when they see a sweet potato sprout. And once it's ready, they can dig it out of the garden and eat the fruits – or rather, vegetables – of their labours!

What you need:

  • glass of water x 2
  • sweet potato
  • toothpicks
  • pot
  • potting mix


Number of players:


Pierce the middle of a sweet potato with four toothpicks distributed evenly all around.

Figure out which is the blunt end and which is the pointy end of the sweet potato.

Sit the sweet potato, pointy end down, into a glass of water, with the toothpicks holding half of it out of the water.

Over time, the sweet potato will start to sprout and grow roots.

Gently twist the sprouts off and place the base of those in another glass of water.

These sprouts will also grow roots.

Plant these seedlings into a pot with potting mix and water regularly.

You will soon have established sweet potato plants that you can transfer into the garden.


  • This will take a while to complete. Be patient and watch the magic happen.

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