Laundry carton blocks

Laundry carton blocks

No matter how much money you spend on expensive, developmentally targeted toys, your kids will always love playing with the recycling cartons! Embrace it and recycle by making these laundry box blocks.

What you need:

  • Square laundry detergent cartons
  • Coloured or patterned contact adhesive

Number of players:


Laundry powder boxes are the perfect shape to make big blocks – all you have to do is stop throwing them away and start collecting them. When you have five or more start making your blocks.

Wipe them out and close the lid securely with masking tape. Cover them with coloured or patterned contact (alternatively you could paint them with water-based paints).

Store the blocks neatly in the largest basket you can find – a cheap laundry basket would be both ideal and consistently thematic! Keep adding to your collection as you go through laundry powder.

Toddlers will love building walls and towers to smash through!

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