Lolly relay

Lolly relay

You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to love a lolly relay. A favourite birthday party game and kids activity. Just add kids, lollies and a pair of mittens together and the result is a fantastically fun kids activity for all.

What you need:

  • 2 pairs of mittens
  • Lollies

Number of players:


Divide the children into two teams and have them form lines.

Give the first child in each line a pair of mittens.

Give everyone a wrapped lolly.

When you say “go”, the first player in each line puts on the mittens, unwraps the lolly and pops it into their mouth.

Then they quickly take the mittens off and hand them to the second person in line.

The second player does the same and so on, down the line.

The team that finishes first, wins.

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