Mail box maths

Mail box maths

We all love a walk and what better way to pass the houses by than learning counting patterns in maths. Maths games are one of the best ways to help kids remember what comes next. Try it out today!

What you need:

  • a nice day
  • houses on route

Number of players:


While out walking, take notice of the house numbers with the kids. The kids will note that houses are set out going up by twos.

Follow the pattern with the kids and try to guess what comes next by counting in the pattern.

For example. If you start on the odd side of the street, you will see 1,3,5,7,9. Following the pattern, the next number will end in a 1 so it will be 11.

Continue along and see how many they get right.

This works well if there is more than one child guessing so it becomes a race.

Swap street sides on the way back so you can count the even side.

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