Make a scarecrow

Gardening is a great way to teach the kids all about nature. Unfortunately, not everything is left alone. Birds are a big problem in the garden, especially if you are making a vegetable garden. Scare them all away with a scary scarecrow made by the kids!

What you need:

  • 2 x pairs of stockings
  • straw stuffing
  • string or gardening twine
  • old pillow case
  • sewing or darning needle
  • buttons for eyes
  • permanent marker
  • 2 garden stakes nailed in a cross formation
  • old clothing: pants, shirt, hat

Number of players:


Fill stockings or tights with you straw. Pack it nice and tight so your scarecrow is not floppy.

Stuff your pillowcase for the head.

Tie pillow case bottom up so the straw does not fall out.

Tie stockings together, across each other so one acts as arms and the other act as legs. You only need the arm stockings half full so they sit shorter than the legs.

Sew the buttons onto the pillow case for eyes.

Draw other features onto the face.

Tie the head onto the body with the string or twine.

Dress the scarecrow in the clothing you have chosen for him.

Tie the scarecrow onto the garden stakes with the arms attached to the horizontal stake and hit it into the ground.

Add a hat and you have a scarecrow to scare away any birds bothering your garden.


  • You can make your scarecrow any size you wish. Children’s clothes work well for children’s projects.
  • Add straw under the hat with some glue for some great hair.

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