Make a soundbox

Make a soundbox

Explore the world of sound and sound waves with this easy science experiment for kids. Once your kids have built their sound box and play they will be learning about the amazing science of sound and how we hear things.

What you need:

  • Shoe box
  • Elastic bands

Number of players:


Take the lid off your shoe box.

Stretch the rubber bands around the box.

With your finger, pluck each rubber band to hear different sounds as it vibrates.

Stretch one of the rubber bands even tighter and pluck it again so that it vibrates. Does it sound different? The the tone change?

Take note of each sound and arrange the rubber bands from the highest pitch to the lowest along the shoe box.

Here's the question you can now answer – Why do the rubber bands each make a different note?


  • You may need to tape the small piece of cardboard to the bottom and sides of the box to strengthen the sides.
  • You will note a loose elastic vibrates more slowly which in turn causes a lower note. The tighter the elastic, and the thinner the elastic, the higher the note played when plucked.

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