Make baby laugh

Make baby laugh

There is nothing better than hearing a baby giggling and since laughter is the best medicine, you cannot go wrong with these activities. Try some of these ideas to make your baby laugh.

What you need:

  • a baby
  • spray bottle
  • recycled or scrap paper
  • cooked spaghetti
  • towel
  • straw and water




Talk silly

Babies like to hear funny voices when they are not used to it. Your voice is the one they are used to the most, so when it comes out sounding a little different, it comes out silly and potentially very funny!

Spray baby

Grab your water bottle and fill it with cool water. Lightly spray your baby on the feet or hands when they are not expecting it. He will initially get a surprise, but will be giggling when they realise what you are up to.

Tear paper

You baby loves the sound of paper tearing. Start with a little tear in the top of your recycled or scrap paper and slowly make larger tears. Alternate between faster and slower tears to confuse him. Wondering what you will do next will be a surprise. Make sure you include some funny faces to enhance the chuckles.

Blowing raspberries

Every baby has a tickle spot and finding out his favourite spot will delight him. You can do raspberries (blowing on bare skin so there is a tickling sensation) at any time but nappy changes are made easier by this little activity. Belly, neck or even on his feet, you are bound to get a giggle from him when you blow raspberries.

Where’s the nose?

Pretend you are holding his nose in your hand and keep telling him you have it. Stick your thumb between your two first fingers on your hand and show him only the fingerprint side of your thumb. This will give him the impression that you actually do have his nose. Give your baby a go at taking your nose, too. He will love that he also knows this cool trick!

Spaghetti slurping

Spaghetti is one of those messy foods baby loves to explore. While you may chop his nice and small so there are no dangly, messy strings, you can leave your own rather stringy and when you get a long strand, slurp it up and make a small fuss. He will not only love the sound it makes, but the faces you pull as it slurps into your mouth.

Magic ride

Laying baby face down on a towel, start to pull evenly on the corners of the towel, moving it slowly about the room. Get a little stronger and further around the room as you watch your baby delight in the movement. Make sure your baby is able to hold his head up and have complete control before attempting this ride.

Bubble blowing

This is not what you think! Bubbles are always captivating, but if they are in a glass of water, it is hilarious to a baby! Enjoy the chuckles at the table with this great exploration activity. Some may argue this is playing with your food, but that is how babies learn. Fill a cup halfway with water, stick in a straw and blow. Bubble noises are entertaining your baby for as long as you can blow your bubbles. This activity can also be done in the bath for less messy fun!

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