Make cheeky monkeys

Make cheeky monkeys

These cute little pom pom and pipe cleaner monkeys are a bit fiddly to make, but if you help your kids to make them they can have fun linking them together like the old barrel of monkeys game.

What you need:

Per monkey:

  • 2 x large pom poms
  • 2 x mini pom poms
  • 1 x pipe cleaner (in a matching colour)
  • 2 x googly craft eyes
  • hot glue gun or fast-drying craft glue

Number of players:


Cut the pipe cleaner into three equal sections.

Bend one section into a "V" shape and stick it onto the bottom of one of the large pom poms. These are the legs.

Now glue another section of pipe cleaner to the top of that pom pom: the monkey's arms. Bend them into a good shape for linking (see video).

Glue the second large pom pom onto the top of the arms.

Glue two small pom poms as ears.

Add two googly craft eyes.

Now glue the monkey's tail to his behind and coil it up.

Make lots of little monkeys and link them together – arm to leg to tail to arm – or however you want.

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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