Make your own bubble wands

So, when we lose our bubble wands, our super bubble solution becomes useless? I think NOT! Try out these great tricks to make sure every last bubble is blown!

What you need:

  • plastic cups
  • plastic soft drink bottles
  • pipe cleaners
  • plastic funnel
  • drinking straws
  • scissors


You can use just about anything to make a bubble wand, but start with these ideas and experiment later.

Plastic cup:
Punch a hole in the bottom to blow through.
Dip the large open end into the solution and blow.

Plastic soft drink bottles:
Cut the bottom off the bottle and dip.
Use the lid end of the bottle to blow you bubbles.

Pipe cleaners:
You can create just about any shape you like form a pipe cleaner, just make sure you keep a small section as a handle. Try with circles, stars or even triangles.

Plastic funnel:
This already has a natural shape for a bubble wand. Using the large end to dip and the small end to blow, this is a sure winner!

Drinking straws:
These should be small, but fast flowing bubbles. Why not bunch some together and see how many you can get. Dip and try!

Give our super bubble solution a try!

Image from Shutterstock.

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