Name six

Name six

Get your kids' minds active with Name six, a fun game for birthday parties and family gatherings. Have fun as you keep them learning and competing to show how good their knowledge is!

What you need:

  • Small ball

Number of players:


Choose one player to be the leader. That leader stands aside as the other players form a circle.

Start passing the ball from player to player.

Standing outside the circle, the leader calls out one letter of the alphabet.

Whoever is holding the ball when the letter is called out has to name 6 things that begin with that letter before the ball comes around to him again.

For example, if the leader calls out "B" the player can call out, "Ball, building, bar, bug, bump, banana."

If the player fails to call out six words before the ball is passed back to them the ball continues to be passed around the circle and the leader calls out a new letter.

Once each player has had a turn, the players who couldn't call out six words in time are out of the game.

The winner is the last player remaining who can call out six words before they get the ball again.

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