Online maths game: Math lines

Online maths game: Math lines

Online maths games is additional fun when kids get hold of the mouse! Maths lines gets the kids thinking and clicking as they create sums that add up to 10 before the time runs out!

What you need:

  • computer with internet access

Number of players:


Get onto this website. In the online game, you will be given a a string of balls to start your sums.

In the centre you will see your balls to shoot, the biggest being the first to be shot.

Click on the string where your ball and the string ball add up to 10.

For example: If you were given a two to shoot and you can see an eight, shoot the two at the eight by clicking on the eight.

Once your ball is launched, you will find both balls disappear.

Should your sum not add up to 10, the ball shot will join the string.

Destroy your string of balls before it reaches the end.

As you advance in levels, it will get faster and more tangled. Be quick!

Visit the website for maths fun!

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