Pin the carrot on the snowman

Pin the carrot on the snowman

What do you do when it's Christmas time and you have a room full of kids looking for a fun game to keep them busy? Play Pin the carrot on the snowman! This is just like Pin the tail on the donkey with a Christmas spin, and just as fun.

What you need:

  • big picture or drawing of a snowman
  • orange craft paper
  • tape
  • black marker
  • a blindfold
  • small prize for the winner

Number of players:


Cut carrot shapes out of the orange craft paper.

Write each child's name on one carrot and put tape on the back to allow it to stick to the snowman.

Pin or tape the snowman drawing on a wall at the same height as the children playing the game.

Line the kids up, place the blindfold on the first player and place a carrot nose in his hand.

Spin the player around a few times and then ask him to place the carrot nose on the snowman where it's supposed to go.

Repeat for each player.

The player who gets their carrot the closest is the winner.

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