Rebus puzzles for kids

Rebus puzzles for kids

A rebus puzzle uses words in picture form. They'll certainly get little creative minds ticking over! Show your kids these rebus puzzles and see how many they can guess before they need to chase you down for the answers.

What you need:

Number of players:


1. A popular song for kids. Think of the word it COULD be then think of what is missing.

2. Sometimes described as being confused.



3. Everybody is doing it!



4. Something your mum might be telling you to do
on a busy school morning.



5. A quick and easy meal best served with toast.



6. This is often found in larger homes.




7. You might get told this if you are arguing back.




8. This is an expression used to tell someone that something is easy!




1. Three blind mice. (3 Mice are missing their i's.)
2. All mixed up.
3. Growing old.
4. Hurry up.
5. Scrambled eggs.
6. Split level.
7. UR out of line (You're out of line)
8. A walk in the park. (The word WALK in inside of the word PARK)

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