River ball

River ball

This is a great game to be played by young and old and will keep everyone entertained for hours. It encourages team work and is great for hand eye coordination.

What you need:

  • 1 ball
  • wide open space

Number of players:
Min – 10


Divide yourself into two teams.

One team is at one end of the court, the other team is at the other end.

The middle third of the court is the river.

One person from the team throws the ball and the other team has to catch it.

If they catch it you continue with the game.

If they drop it, then the person who dropped it or is the closest to the ball is out.

The only way the person can get back in is if one of their team members catch the ball or one member of the other team drops the ball.

If the ball goes in the river you are out.

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