Spot the ___________

Spot the ___________

Going on a long car trip? This is a great game to keep everybody entertained for hours on end. Spot the_____ is a game that can be played by the whole family or just two of you.


Number of players:


This game can be as simple as you make it – perfect for even the youngest child.

Ask your child to spot the _____ and fill in the blank with something very obvious to get started: “Spot the mummy in the car”; “Spot the dummy in the car”; “Spot the car seat”; “Spot the seatbelt”; “Spot a sister”.

Then, move to things outside the car: “Spot a car”; “Spot a big truck”; “Spot a cow”, etc.

Eventually you can add colours and other details that narrow your choices: “Spot a red truck”; “Spot a convertible car”, and so on.

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