String game: Cup and saucer

Help to develop your child’s fine motor skills with string games. This ‘cup and saucer’ string figure is the basis of many harder string games so is a great one to learn. Watch the video for the step-by-step instructions.

What you need:

  • 60cm long piece of string, looped and tied together at the ends

Number of players:


Watch the video to see how you can make the cup and saucer string figure.


Step 1: Start with the string behind your thumbs and pinkies, running across both palms.

Step 2: With your right hand, reach across to the left hand and hook the string that runs across the left palm.

Step 3: Pull your hands apart.

Step 4: Do the same with the other hand.

Step 5: Pull your hands apart again.

Step 6: With your thumbs, reach over the first pointer finger string and under the second pointer finger string. Pull your thumbs back towards your body – there will be two loops on each thumb.

Step 7: Using your teeth (easiest) or pinkie fingers (if you’re feeling dexterous), pull the bottom string off your thumbs and pass it over the top string.

Step 8: Drop the loops off both pinkie fingers and pull your hands apart.

Step 9: Tilt your thumbs up and you have a cup and saucer.

Now you have mastered the cup and saucer, you can create an Eiffel Tower or star string figure.


  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for the creating instructional video.

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