Tongue twister activities for speech therapy



If your child is tackling tongue twisters as part of his speech therapy, here are some simple and fun ways you can encourage his tongue twister abilities:

  • To improve his articulation, select tongue twisters featuring phonemes that are particularly difficult for your child, talk to his speech therapist for specific suggestions.
  • If confidence is low, try selecting tongue twisters featuring phonemes your child is particularly good at – or you’re particularly bad at! He’ll have a good laugh at you as you struggle with a tricky tongue twister!
  • Make a game of tongue twisters by printing out a selection of tongue twisters. Cut them into individual strips, put the strips in a basket, have each player draw one, and award points based on how few repetitions are needed to master it.
  • You can increase tongue twister speed by adding a stopwatch to the game and making the player who can recite the twister correctly in the shortest time the winner of each round.

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