Wearable ringlets

Wearable ringlets

This one is for the girls. Make your own fashionable hair accessories with ribbons of your own colour and design choice. Wear as many or as few as you like at once or just make them and keep them for wearing with different coloured outfits. Mix and match for fashion fun.

What you need:

  • 6 x 50cm lengths of satin ribbon in different colours
  • hair clip
  • small rubber band
  • scissors
  • 6 pencils or rounded chopsticks
  • hair spray
  • tape
  • 6 sewing pins

Number of players:


Tape each ribbon to a pencil.

In a ventilated area saturate all of the ribbons (attached to pencils) with hair spray.

Allow to dry.

Saturate one ribbon (and pencil) with hair spray again.

This time while still wet, wrap the ribbon tightly around the pencil it is taped to.

When wrapped entirely around the pencil, pierce a pin through the clump of tightly wrapped ribbon.

Repeat this process with all remaining six ribbons and pencils.

Set aside to dry for at least six hours, or overnight for best results.

Once dry gently uncurl the ribbons from their pencils.

Lay them out on a table and tie each one in the middle using a half knot to the rubber band.

Attach the hair clip to the rubber band and then clip to your child’s hair.


  • Alternatively you could try using crepe paper in place of ribbons, and twist or plait it.
  • The more colours you use the thicker your ponytail of ringlets will be. It can be an equally thick ponytail by using several ringlets of similar colours.
  • For a child with long or thick hair you could use a hair elastic in place of a rubber band and hair clip.
  • Try using a thick pencil or marker to wrap the ribbon around as this will make large ringlets. Pencils and chopsticks will make tighter ringlets.

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