How To Have An Easy Start To The School Year

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Being organised for back to school isn’t complicated – it just requires a little bit of forward planning and a lot of been-there-done-that know-how!

Tackle those first few days and weeks with ease with our tips for a stress-free return to school.

Prepare ahead

Well before school starts make sure you have everything ticked off our essential back to school checklist.

Set an alarm … and then set another!

Avoid oversleeping while you get back into the school routine by having a backup alarm on your phone or a smart device. Whatever time you think you need to get up, set the alarm for 10 minutes before that because school mornings have a way of getting chaotic. A dedicated backpack station can make it easier to keep organised.

Keep school lunches simple

You may marvel at those intricate, cut-out fruit and layered sandwiches that are all over Instagram, but will the kids really care if their sandwich isn’t in the shape of a panda? Keep it simple with a sandwich or wrap with a favourite filling, a piece of fruit, a few veggie sticks, and a treat. Better yet, if they’re old enough, get the kids to fill their own lunch boxes (but make sure they’re not filling it with treats!) – this is made easier if what they’re allowed to choose from is within easy reach. Some people like to prepare the lunch components on the weekend for the week ahead but just doing the basics the night before can save a lot of time and rushing about in the morning.

Don’t forget a refillable drink bottle with water and a mini freezer block to keep the lunch from getting warm. A frozen yoghurt can double up as a chiller and snack.

Uniform repairs & laundry

Keep a few sewing essentials in stock for those inevitable last-minute repairs to the school uniform. Buttons have a habit of flinging off into oblivion during the summer when sleeves get rolled up! Remember to add labels to new uniform items.

Get the kids into the habit of putting their worn clothes into a hamper instead of strewn around the bedroom floor. You can also get them to help with chores like hanging out the washing and folding clothes. Use a chore chart so you can distribute the jobs to all household members.


Start the year off on a good routine. Allow the kids a bit of down time when they get home from school and then schedule some time before dinner for any homework. Setting up a good study area helps to keep them focused. If you feel that your child’s homework is taking up too much of their after school time, have a word with their teacher.

One-stop school shop

To help Kiwi families get set up for the new school year with minimal stress, The Warehouse is your one-stop shop for back to school! They have everything you need – uniforms, stationery, tech, study furniture, lunchboxes, sunscreen and more. Shop in store or online. The Warehouse also offers finance options that can help spread the cost over the school year.

Check out some of their range below.

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Check your school online for all the uniform requirements – and shop in one place!

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Exercise Books

Not just exercise books, you will also find notebooks, refills, folders, scrapbooks, and much more.

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