How to create a healthy nursery that encourages sleep

Curating a beautiful nursery is a fun step on the pregnancy journey. With the plethora of beautiful products available it’s a great way to indulge your nesting instinct but there are a few top tips to keep in mind.

The nursery is likely where your baby will spend the majority of their first year, hopefully sleeping. Learn some top tips for creating a nursery that encourages sleep.

A calm environment

Keep the lighting  – when your baby is young the nursery is for sleeping. Consider black out backing on your blinds and curtains and a small night light on the wall so you can see where you are going!

Keep the colours you use muted. Even though your baby can’t see well when they are first born, it doesnt take long before they are pulling themselves up on the side of the cot and looking for fun and stimulation!

A healthy environment

If your house was built before the 1980’s it is possible the room you intend using as the nursery has lead based paint on the walls (possibly even painted over). Lead based paint has been linked to lead poisoning. You can remove a large flake of paint and take it to your local paint shop for it to be tested.

When choosing new paint, consider low odour or solvent free paint.

Once the nursery is complete, an air purifier can help remove pollutants and allergens from the room. Some models also have heating and cooling functions which allow you to keep the room at a healthy and consistent temperature.

Choose natural bedding – cotton and wool.

An uncluttered environment

Keep the nursery easy to navigate so you don’t trip when carrying your baby or stub your toe as you are creeping.

Consider ditching the rug (they are dust collectors anyway!) and installing lots of storage and shelves.

Store everything you need for nappy changes (and the inevitable poo explosions) in one place – eg change table, wipes (and spare wipes), nappy disposal, a change of clothes, spare change table cloths, and bottom cream.

One item that you will love is a comfy chair for you to feed and cuddle in.


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