Why Plunge Pools Are Having Their Moment

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Plunge pools have been increasing in popularity in recent years and for a good reason. These small, deep pools are typically designed for therapeutic purposes and are great for relaxing, cooling off, and exercising.

They can be installed indoors or outdoors, and their compact size and easy maintenance make them a great option for smaller spaces or for those looking for a low-maintenance pool option.

Here are some reasons why plunge pools are having their moment:

Compact size

One of the primary advantages of plunge pools is their compact size. Along with wooden lounge furniture, these pools can fit into smaller backyards, patios, or rooftops, making them an ideal solution for those who want a pool but have limited space. Unlike larger pools, these can be installed almost anywhere (subject to building and council regulations), making them a versatile option for homeowners.


Another reason why plunge pools are gaining popularity is that they are cost-effective. Traditional pools can be expensive to install, maintain, and operate, whereas these pools are typically much cheaper and require less maintenance. In addition, they use less water and energy, making them a more environmentally-friendly option.

Therapeutic benefits

Plunge pools are designed to be deeper than traditional pools, typically between four and seven feet deep. This depth provides several therapeutic benefits, including improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, and stress relief. These pools are also great for hydrotherapy, which can help ease joint pain and inflammation.

Easy to maintain

Because of their smaller size, plunge pools are generally easier to maintain than larger pools. They require less water, chemicals, and time to clean, making them an attractive option for busy homeowners. In addition, many plunge pool designs come equipped with automatic cleaning and filtration systems, further simplifying the maintenance process.

Versatile design options

Despite their smaller size, plunge pools can be designed in various styles to fit the aesthetic of any home or outdoor space. They can be made from a range of materials, including concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl. They can be customized with a variety of features, such as lighting, waterfalls, and even heating systems for year-round use.

Fitness benefits

Plunge pools can also be great for exercise, particularly for those who prefer low-impact workouts. The deep water of a plunge pool provides resistance, making it ideal for swimming laps (if space allows), water aerobics, or other aquatic exercises. These pools are also an excellent option for athletes or fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their performance by using cold water therapy for recovery.

In a nutshell, plunge pools are having their moment because they offer a variety of benefits that traditional pools do not. They are compact, cost-effective, and require less maintenance than larger pools. These pools also provide a range of therapeutic benefits, making them a great option for relaxation and exercise. With their versatile design options, these pools can be customized to fit the aesthetic of any home or outdoor space. As more and more people look for ways to maximize their outdoor living spaces, these pools are likely to continue to gain in popularity.

Please refer to local building authority and council regulations for guidance before installing any pool.

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