Add on

Add on

Test out the kids memory and ability to hold their breath at the same time. Each time one of the kids goes under the water, another task is added. Best for kids a little older and able to complete tasks. Make sure there is always an adult on hand.

What you need:

  • swimming pool

Number of players:


The first child goes underwater and completes a task or trick, such as front flip, back flip, touch the bottom with their hand, sit indian style on the bottom, twirl with their body horizontal in the water, etc.

The next child does this trick and then "adds on" one of their own.

Then, the next child does the first two tricks and "adds on" a third and so on.

Eventually, the sequence of tricks will get so long that a player cannot complete it due to shortness of breath or they just can't remember the order accurately.

They are out and the remaining children continue until there is only one person left.


  • This is most enjoyed by children old enough to hold their breath for an extended period of time.

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