Age game calculator magic trick

Age game calculator magic trick

Despite all the advances in digital technology, making the word 'BOOBS' appear on a calculator still holds endless fascination for older children. This age game is another good trick your kids can master.

What you need:

  • A calculator

Number of players:
2 +


Using a calculator, your child can play a trick on adults by "guessing" their age.  To add to the air of magic, the child gives the calculator to the adult and they do the operations themselves.

Tell the adult to hide the screen from view and punch in their age.

Tell them to mulitply the age by 2

Then add 1

Multiply the total by 5

Multiply that total by 10

Subtract 100

Ask the adult to write down the answer.

Taking the calculator, look at the number on the screen. Ignore the last two digits of the number. The number you are left with will be the adult's age.

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