Alligator card

Alligator card

Create a fabulous Alligator card with this fun art and craft kids activity showcasing your child’s talent. Delight your child by helping them create a unique card that is all their own. They are perfect for family birthday cards too!

What you need:

  • a piece of green (or white) paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • crayons (optional)

Number of players:


Fold a piece of green paper the long way.

Draw an alligator shape on one side of the paper.

Draw a long snout, two legs, and a long tail; the fold line will be the alligator’s back.

Cut about 6 small diagonal slits along the back of the alligator (along the fold line).

Unfold the paper. Fold over each of the slits you cut, forming little triangles.

Draw a big toothy mouth on the alligator.

Cut out the teeth.

Decorate the alligator.

I used small triangles of green felt, glued to the card to look like scales and then added some googly eyes.

This is a great card or as my kids did, use it to attack each other… playfully of course!

Created by Meredith

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